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Which hosting service do you use for large or corporate projects?

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    I have several well positioned projects in publii. So far I am hosting on Netlify with the free Starter Pack . All my websites have been for local businesses, startups and projects so far I haven’t had any problems with bandwidth. But I see a huge vulnerability in this sense, in case of a DDOS attack in less than 5 minutes they can saturate all the bandwidth leaving us us useless the website for the whole month or forcing us to buy the plan of $ 100 per month.

    I’m working with big projects right now and I’m worried about bandwidth. From what I’ve read Cloudfare Pages doesn’t limit bandwidth on any of their plans but I don’t know if they allow a corporate website to be published with the $20 plan and the free plan.

    What hosting do you use for a large scale project? I love Netlify, and I love publii, thanks to it I can make pages of less than 1mb of weight so I can have 10.000 visits without any problem in my pages with 100GB of bandwidth, and in the best case I can upgrade to the 1.5TB plan for 20$ if the visitors increase. But I still have the same problem with a DDOS attack, we are totally lost.

    I have done a security audit on my sites and after doing a couple of tests I have found that they are vulnerable to DDOS attacks with all the consequences I mentioned before.

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    You can consider S3 with CloudFront or just use CloudFlare (I recommend to use paid plans) with any hosting and strong caching settings.