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Windows: multiple issues when “Documents” folder redirection is active

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    First time user of Publii.

    I have worked around this problem but figure you may want to know about it.

    The following issues were encountered when the Windows user profile “Documents” folder has been redirected (this is usually done via domain policy, i.e. User Config > Policies > Windows Settings > Folder Redirection > Documents):

    1. “Uncaught exception” during initial installation (when installing “Simple” theme)
    2. “Uncaught exception” when attempting to install further themes
    3. Theme thumbnails not displaying on Themes settings page
    4. Testing Server settings (FTP) hangs indefinitely – does not lock up the program but the “Test connection” button caption changes to “Checking connection…” and displays this until the program is restarted
    5. Site preview causes an “Uncaught exception” dialog to display

    It was after encountering all these issues that I figured the problem might be folder redirection.  I created and tested a new domain user whose Documents folder was not redirected and all of the above issues disappeared.

    Additionally, on the FTP server settings page, I noticed that the info text for “Remote Path” suggests that a trailing separator is required.  This is not the case, and a connection test fails unless the trailing separator is removed.


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    We will try to implement an option to select location of the Publii data in v.0.43, so I do hope that it will resolve such issues in the future 🙂

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    Thanks Tomasz 😀