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WordPress imported pages not visible

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    hello !how is going’  After importing pages and also custom post (both apparently counted and imported)  aren’t visible in the post section.

    I’m using the last version of publi.


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    Could you share your WXR file? Then I will be able to try reproduce your issue.

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    Old thread, but I have the same problem today. And the theme is not syncing. I checked and the “site” folder is missing. Where can I send the wxr?

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    Hi arfues,

    You can try to upload your WXR as an attachment to the message (private reply) or share a link to it in a private reply

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    I’m testing with my main site and have a similar problem. I imported and the posts show up when I sync, but they aren’t in the posts section for editing.

    They also aren’t tagged, but all the original site categories do show up as tags in the publii desktop app, but all with zero post counts.

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    Any tips on this? Has it been fixed in the latest 0.3 version?

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    I’ve just encountered the same problem. Here is how I managed to resolve it.
    Here is how to get your post visible again.

    First of all, you will need a SQLite Database editor like this one :
    Then :

    • Open your Publii site directory
      For me : “Documents > Publii > Sites”
    • Find the db.sqlite file into the “input” directory
    • Edit the SQLite database with SQLiteBrowser
    • Browse the “posts” table data and find the posts without title, slug or status
      • The wp_import tool did not save anything in these fields for blog posts of custom type “quote”
    • For these records, you can
      • delete the rows
      • edit the rows and type in a title, a unique slug and define a status (published or draft)

    Then you need publii to reload the database : this can be done by changing the site you are editing or by closing and reopening the ublii application.

    And… voilà !

    I hope this wil do the trick for you as well.
    I think, wp_import does not handle WordPress custom post types.

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    Had the same problem, based on @Ben S.’s post, I guessed the problem was down to not having titles on a few of my WP posts.

    So I went through my WP posts, added titles where there were none, re-exported, started a new Publii blog & voila, my posts appeared.

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    I’m having the same problem, but I’ve looked at the SQLite db and just one post is missing a title; would that prevent all of them from appearing gin Publii’s posts section?

    UPDATE: Yes, that was it. The post in error was also missing a pub date. Repairing this one row made all the posts appear.