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WP site importer still not stable and working :-(

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Hi gang

    I keep having problems with the site import feature in publii.

    19 times out of 20, it just doesn’t work, no matter what I try.

    Anyone else having this issue?

    Is there a better option than exporting an XML file from WP and then importing it?

    This is easily the #1 challenge I am facing with Publii.

    Avatar photoBob
    [anonymous] wrote:

    WP site importer still not stable and working 🙁

    What a topic title…

    I see you’re interested in helping out with this open-source project. Great! Contributions are always welcome. Just know that developing this project takes a lot of time and effort. 🙂

    Most of the problems are related to XML files, not to the Importer tool.

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    If it’s an issue with the XML files, that’s fine. I just need to know how to fix them.