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WYSIWYG editor loses Link type. It always reverts to “Post”

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Create any link type other than “Post”, example External URL
    It is saved and it renders fine. But when come back to edit it, the external URL is lost,
    and happens with a Tags links.

    This happens in v.0.36.0 (build 13098) Prerelease 5 on Windows

    same thing in Prerelease 4

    Avatar photoBob

    I’ve checked it in WYSIWYG and Block editor and for me, it works very well.

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Create external link, and save the post.
    Open again and try updating the URL.
    You’ll see the link is now a Post type link and the URL was lost.

    If I go back to 5.5.3 it works fine again.

    Are you sure it works on your end?

    Avatar photo[anonymous]


    For me external links are also working fine – can you share some short video of this issue?