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ECONNRESET during upload to github

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    When I attempt to sync my website to github it fails during the upload.  It seems to get about halfway through (“Uploading website (??? of 536 operations done)”) and it fails with the error:

    ” An error occurred while connecting to the server: E1 {“code”:”ECONNRESET”}

    I’m using Publii Version: 0.42.1 (build 16233)

    I checked the log files but all the error logs are empty…

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    I’m getting the same error except I’m only uploading 350 files and it fails at random points each time I try to sync with no error message in the log but I do see TRIED AGAIN: (api) => api.gitdata.createBlob in the deployment process log.

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    Ok since it kept failing after around 150 uploads I took my files out of the media folder (I had around 200 images) and the upload completed successfully. Then I slowly added the files back 50 at a time until it was completely synced. Not sure why I’m hitting a limit but that was my workaround.

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    @Bill, @TravsVoid

    Might be a Github limitation / issue. Check out the forum thread at: