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Error Opening App – Publii Cannot Find Folder

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    Avatar photojbruno

    I can’t seem to access anything anymore, I’m completely locked out! Every time I click to open the Publii app, it says the path doesn’t exist, but it does. I even tried deleting the Publii app and downloading again but it seems to remember the path and gives the same error.

    The exact error message is:

    “Publii cannot find your sites folder. Please check if the directory [inserts path] exists or create it manually, then reopen the application. ”

    I have checked and confirmed that the exact path listed in the error message does in fact exist. I can’t recreate it since it is already there. I’m not sure how to resolve this. I can’t even get to the app to choose the location again since this popup prevents Publii from opening at all.

    Avatar photojbruno
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    Avatar photoBob

    Have a look at this topic:

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    Avatar photojbruno
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    Avatar photojbruno
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    Avatar photojbruno

    Ok, so here’s what I’ve tried, I deleted the Publii app yet again, and everything Publii related in documents. Then I installed Publii again, and added one of the sites over that is in dropbox to the default location of publii in documents under ‘sites’.

    I was then able to open Publii and confirm that the default path was the same and saved, which gave me this lovely error message:


    If I delete the Publii folder that’s in documents again, I can get back to the view to choose the path. I tested choosing the main location which is in dropbox and just get the same javascript error. So at least I’ve figured out how to change the path location, but the javascript error stops me from being able to access anything.

    I’ve scoured the topics and have yet to see a resolution to this issue. Any help would really be appreciated!


    Avatar photojbruno

    Here’s a follow up to my last update. I created a copy of the sites, deleted everything everywere that was related to Publii and started from scratch. Set up a new folder structure in Dropbox, added the sites, downloaded Publii again, pointed to the new Dropbox sites location and finally have it working again!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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