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More CPU or GPU to make Publii Processing Faster?

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    Just curious…

    If I upgrade to let’s say an Apple Mac Studio with lots of CPU and GPU cores… will that increase the rendering speed of Publii?

    Which is more important for your app? CPU or GPU cores?

    Is Single-core or multi-core processing more relevant?

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    The website rendering usually is quite fast, so I suppose that computer upgrade won’t let you very significant change in these terms. For 99% CPU cores will be more important – as the rendering is a separate process, single-core processing will be more relevant in this case. But please remember that in fact every Electron app uses few processes, so multi-core processing can be also important.

    The most important will be to use build for Apple silicon processor, because it can give a significant performance change on such device in comparison to classic x86 build for mac OS.

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    @Tomasz as I also posted here: for larger websites, there is a real need for Multi-Threading acceleration. On some large websites ( a few thousands pages ) it’s slowing down to the point of not being really usable. So if there is anything you can do to optimize for Multi-Threading, I am sure you will make a lot of users very happy! 🙂