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Preview and published website look so different

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    Avatar photorumsiki

    Full disclosure: I’m no HTML or CSS developer. I expected however to be able to build a static website on a theme with Publii.

    I’m using the Simple theme until I get my site and server working just right. Right now, the Preview in Publii looks like the published theme. When I sync it to my website, it loses all the formatting. Any ideas why? Thanks in advance.


    Avatar photorumsiki

    Preview and published site page attached. Thanks again.

    Avatar photoBob

    Have a look at this topic:


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    Avatar photorumsiki

    Thanks Bob. I’ve tried the suggested changes without success. I’ve switched between http and https in the ¬†Website URL on Publii. I’m still missing a more faithful representation of the website. Any ideas? Thanks.

    Avatar photorumsiki

    Apologies but the issue is now resolved. There might’ve been some delay between my publishing the site and the changes being visible – I don’t understand how that might be. The prefix matches what is on my URL, caches have been cleared. Thanks again.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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