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My html uploaded page won’t display

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    I know this is a total nube question but, I created what I believe to be a valid html page.

    I uploaded it to publii via the file manager but when I browse to it online, it shows the code of the page but not actually displaying the frontend of the page?

    Do I not understand something about netlify?

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    Can you be more specific with your problem? Clicking on preview your changes does not show your content in the browser? I can’t understand your problem

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    I am hosting my site on netlify.

    If I want to have

    Does every folder require an index.html page? Or can I just title any html doc with .html and then be able to access it online?

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    Folders and directories aren’t supported (or, at least, are tricky to implement).

    See: and

    Any reason why the page was uploaded via the file manager instead of added as a post?