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Publii image processing seems to be stripping exif data from .jpeg files

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    Publii apparently strips exif info from .jpeg image files, specifically orientation. The exif info is there in the original file. When I upload the file, the original retains the orientation. But the resized images in the responsive folder are missing that data, resulting in photos that display sideways.

    This has been brought up twice before:

    The first appears to be a bug report that was mistakenly interpreted as a feature request. The second is a bug report I submitted in January. In that thread, you said you could not reproduce the behavior. Can you recheck, and make sure you check the responsive images folder? In my earlier bug report, I specifically mentioned that the “large file” displayed correctly while the responsive ones did not. I’m not sure if you noted that part of the report.

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    Attached is an example image. The exif orientation is “Rotate 90 CW”. The responsive versions do not contain an orientation field, and show up rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise.

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    Hi @btrem,

    I have created an issue for your case:

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    Thanks. I have a GitHub account. Could I have opened an issue there? Should I have?

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    @btrem – the issue is created so now there is no reason to open another one 🙂 But for the future founded errors you can report them directly on Github if they are Publii app-related (and are not related to themes)